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Post-Practice w/ Jeff Fisher: The Plan for Isaiah Battle, Brian Quick’s Health, & Position Battles

Jeff Fisher stuck around after practice on Saturday evening to answer a few questions from the media. Here’s what he had to say about Todd Gurley, Brian Quick, battles at the cornerback and backup quarterback position, and more...

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher – Training Camp Post-Practice - August 1, 2015

(On T Isaiah Battle and what he liked about him and what is the plan for him)
"Well obviously, a lot went into the film study, and into the decision. Unfortunately for him, there was a few things that took place that created an opportunity that made him available. We discussed different options, potential different picks and we just felt with the projection and athletic ability, where he would have come out next year, we felt like we would at least be competitive with the fifth. As it turned out, we got him. He’s got some work to do, as we’ve told him. It’s not about next September, it’s about this September. If he’s on the roster, if he’s on the 53, he’s a couple of snaps away from playing, so he’s got to get himself into shape and get ready. Thus far he’s done pretty good. He’s clearly behind the rest of the group just because he hasn’t been here, but in the short period of time I think he’s holding his own. We’ll see how it is the next couple of weeks."

(On how much the whole point of the offseason was creating an atmosphere of competition, in particular along the offensive line)
"Well it wasn’t necessarily competition, it was just improve the position. We’ve been talking since we got here about, ‘Gosh, how nice would it be to be able to go out and draft three or four offensive linemen in the same draft?’ This year we were able to do that, and five with Isaiah (Battle). It’s an area that we had to focus on. It’s an area that we expect to be good for a long time. I can’t tell you how it’s going to unfold right now or who is going to end up starting. But like we said yesterday, we have no concern about starting young people up front. If they are playing, they are ready to play."

(On if the depth at running back allows him to take it easy with RB Todd Gurley)
"No, our approach with Todd is just that it’s a common sense, medical approach. That includes everybody. So, it has nothing to do with what we have on the roster or what we don’t have on the roster. We’re going to take care of Todd and get him ready to play. All of those decisions are based on information and progress and his commitment and where we think he is, not where I think he is from a head coach’s standpoint, but collectively from (Director of Sports Medicine and Performance) Reggie (Scott) and through the doctors and everybody."

(On how good RBs Tre Mason and Benny Cunningham were last season)
"Well yeah, we were pleased. As we’ve talked about before, Tre was somewhat of a slow starter last year. He got going. Playing without the ball is really important. Once we felt comfortable with where he was, we cut him loose and he was really productive for us. Benny knows all aspects of our offense, so there’s no issues there. It’s great to have (RB) Isaiah (Pead) back and (RB) Chase (Reynolds) and (RB) Trey (Watts), obviously we’re going to lose Trey for a little bit, but it’s a good group. So it’s just a matter of playing good defense and being able to hand it off."

(On how it feels to have WR Brian Quick back on the field after his shoulder injury)
"Yeah, it is remarkable what he’s overcome. The damage he sustained to his shoulder was significant and there was some talk early on that it might’ve been career ending, and that he might not have been able to come back. He just kept fighting through each stage of the rehab, one week after the next, and he kept getting better. We sent him back down to see Dr. James Andrews and he was amazed at his progress. So he’s not there yet, you can tell. We’re keeping him off the ground, but he’s running. He’s still got a little bit of motion and flexibility to work on and some strength. But by all means, we expect him to be back. It was a pretty impressive offseason of rehab that he committed to and that he got from our medical staff."

(On the competition and offseason that CBs Trumaine Johnson and EJ Gaines had)
"Yeah, EJ is a little bit behind right now. Obviously, he finished up but he’s a little bit behind particularly because he was dealing with some physical issues. Trumaine is not behind. Trumaine’s in as good of condition as we’ve seen since he’s been here. It’ll be great competition. We’re going to just kind of alternate them every day and see what happens. It’s a win-win for us. We’ve got a rookie from last year that played really solid defense for us. We’ve got a starter that unfortunately suffered a significant injury in the preseason and really never made it back other than some sub stuff towards the end. Both of them have the flexible to play inside, play outside so it’s a good position to be in."

(On the competition at cornerback, the depth at the position and on CB Lamarcus Joyner)
"We are pleased with it, yeah. Lamarcus has come on as well, not only outside, he can play inside and on the slot and the nickel. You know Lamarcus situation… what a difference a year makes for a young player to come back in year two and finally just get it. He gets it now. He’ll be productive for us."

(On backup QB Austin Davis working himself into the picture with QBs Nick Foles and Case Keenum)
"Well, we’re going to allow him to play. Unfortunately for them, Nick’s going to probably get a few more reps than he ordinarily would particularly because he’s new in the offense. But we’re going to allow them all to play, we’ll allow them compete and we’ll see what happens. Case has won games, (QB) Austin (Davis) has won games. They both have a good feel for what they’re doing. They’ve got a tall slender rookie that’s breathing down their necks right now. It should be a good battle."