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Random Ramsdom; Blue and Bold

Bold moves this offseason by the Rams front office...but what will mother say?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

For the 2014 Rams, the season ended with unequaled optimistic fervor on the defensive side of the ball. The second half of the season showed promise of a truly elite defensive unit. They were one blown coverage away from shutting out Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Shortly thereafter Washington and Oakland were dealt with harshly and authoritatively as the Rams "D" went on a streak of 557,000 quarters without giving up a touchdown, nor allowing an opponent into the red zone. For the Rams fan, the implications were breathtaking.


The offense was closer to a train wreck or dumpster fire... It was bad. Like, really, really bad. For starters there were two repeat ACL tears in what are arguably important positions- quarterback and left tackle. Then, stepping up to make sure the suck reached truly heroic levels, Davin Joseph did his level best to kill what remained of the quarterback corps. RT Joe Barksdale was often seen on the sidelines scratching his head and asking Paul Boudreau, "What's a bull-rush?" And Scott Wells? Oh geez. Adding confusion to the enigma of the mystery (to fans, not opponents), Tavon Austin was regularly sent up the gut, as if he is 6' 2" and 255 lbs of mean.

The sad part, is that the majority of skill positions, seemed to be competent if not slam-dunk HOFers. Tre Mason played his heart out. Kenny Britt was an inspiring and vocal leader, Brian Quick was balling hard before injury derailed him.

The clear potential on the field had fans both optimistic and frustrated. Even the most patient of us (you rather, I'm not patient at all) were saying to Jeff Fisher, "Ok, you're a defensive-minded coach, I get that, but for God's sake!"

The Bold and the Beautiful?

I sometimes suppose that Jeff Fisher's rebuilding efforts are akin to my Christmas shopping. I start in July, taking my time, looking for sales and balancing that with what the folks on my list truly want or need. I spend months doing this, relishing each purchase as an individual achievement, and patting myself on the back for my thoughtfulness, frugality and efficiency. I've got it all handled. Then at 8:00pm on December 24th, I suddenly remember! Oh damn! I forgot about Mom! So, I rush out to the nearest store and hastily scan the bare shelves in search of something -anything! - to get for Mom and pray fervently that it works come tomorrow morning.

From the promotion of Frank Cignetti, to the blockbuster Nick Foles trade, and taking four offensive lineman in one draft, Les Snead and Jeff Fisher have put together an entire new offensive face for the 2015 season... So will "mother" be pleased come tomorrow?

Guess we just have to wait and see.

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