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Should The Rams Draft Anyone In The 2015 NFL Supplemental Draft?

On Thursday, the NFL will hold the Supplemental Draft, this is the draft for players with issues off the field, and who did not apply for the 2015 NFL Draft on time.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

This Thursday, seven players will attempt to break the three-year absence of any selections in the NFL Supplemental Draft since Josh Gordon in 2012.

The reasons why these players are in this draft and opted not to remain with their college teams varies.

How It Works

Here is an easy explanation on how the draft works from the mothership, SB Nation:

The rules of the supplemental draft are simple. The league’s 32 teams are placed into three tiers and ordered via a lottery. The first tier is teams with six or fewer wins the previous season. The second tier is teams with seven or more wins that didn’t make the playoffs. The final tier is the 12 playoff teams.

The team with the worst record has the best chance of winning their tier’s lottery. After the lottery the draft order is set. Teams then silently place a bid on a player with a round associated. If they have the highest bid, they’re awarded the player and forfeit the corresponding pick in the next year’s draft.

The Players

Clemson OT Isaiah Battle
West Georgia DT Dalvon Stuckey
West Georgia DE Darrius Caldwell
Houston DE Eric Eiland
Connecticut TE Sean McQuillan
Kansas CB Kevin Short
North Carolina Central WR Adrian Wilkins

For a detailed breakdown of the players, head here.

Will The Rams Draft Anyone?

it appears as though only one of the seven prospects will be drafted to a team on Thursday: Clemson OT Isaiah Battle. Many are suggesting he could be drafted anywhere from the fourth round to the seventh round.

There are two other players that have drawn interest from NFL teams and both players went to West Georgia: DT Dalvon Stuckey and DE Darrius Caldwell. If either of these two players are drafted, it will more than likely be in the seventh round.

There is a great chance that the Rams will avoid drafting a player on Thursday, but stranger things have happened. I would not expect to hear any related news to this draft and the Rams on Thursday.