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Random Ramsdom 7/7/15: St. Louis Rams, Below Average in 2018?

One ranking has ranked teams based on projections three years from now. Though anything can certainly happen--and most definitely will--I can't be the only one who is discouraged at the notion that this team may be no better off three years from now than it is currently.

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Offseason Updates

Though sources outside of Rams aren't high on him, most within the organization seem to like Foles.


The fan base expects better than 17th; however, that's exactly where this rank has the Rams over the next three years.

Nick Foles comes in 24th in this quarterback ranking; that's good for well below average.

Here are some seldom contemplates factors that may boost the Rams.

These players couldn't be lost.

Around the NFL

All these years later and Albert Haynesworth is pointing fingers.

The Colts are efficient in their payroll and here's how.

NFL teams are paying attention to this year's supplemental class.

After the infamous fireworks accident, Jason Pierre Paul has unceremoniously hit the open market.