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Random Ramsdom July 31: Welcome to Training Camp!

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Over Under: 8 Wins? | Athlon Sports

I don't necessarily agree with their valuation of our secondary, but to each their own right?

Worst Contracts in the NFL | Grantland

In case you missed Brandon's piece yesterday, here's the original.

PUP Clarity | National Football Post

If nothing else worth knowing for Fantasy Football purposes.

Legion of Boom Safety Could Hold Out |

Money, money, money, money


Keep brewing up that drama Seattle. You're making a lot of Rams fans smile right now.

Foles won't Go That Route | ESPN

The Rams and Foles' camp seem to have a good rapport going and won't shut down negotiations once the season starts. While Snead and Fisher have been impressed, the question of whether Foles is good enough lingers. Obviously his price rises if he plays well, but it's a double-edged sword that could hurt the Rams if they're not extremely careful.

Can a Young OL Hold Up? | ESPN

Everyone knows that the Rams OL is their biggest question mark. They're not experienced nor extremely durable. OL Coach Paul Boudreau has a tough job ahead of him.

This Sheldon Richardson Stuff just got REAL | KMOV

A couple of weeks after he was suspended for 4 games, word of this gets around. The St Louis native is making some really poor choices. As Cris Carter says, c'mon man...

Gurley Ahead of Schedule, but won't be Rushed Back | Yahoo!

This should come as no surprise as Fisher and Snead have preached patience with Gurley. Then again... they said the same about Sam Bradford and Jake Long last year....

Expectations are Higher in Year 4 | Belleville News-Democrat

As they should be.

Mannion Looks the Part of Franchise QB, but Will he Develop? | Belleville News-Democrat

He doesn't need to do much year 1. I just want him to improve and learn the ropes of the NFL.

Les Snead, the Rams ever-optimistic GM | StL Today

Barring more catastrophic injuries, this very well could be the year that the Rams go gangbusters.

Fisher not Worried about L.A. Factor | StL Today

He's a player's coach. He knows what it takes keep his guys focused.