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Rams Roster Preview: Punters are People Too

Known for his sense of humor, the Rams All-Pro punter enters the 2015 season with his long term security on the Rams secured.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

If you are a Rams’ fan, then you know who the Hekk he is. I don’t even really need to analyze him…but I will. He was the starting QB for two years at Bothell High School, in Bothell, WA (basically Seattle). Following that he attended Oregon State University. As a Beaver, he set a single-game school record with a 52.5 average (6 punts for 315 yards) against Utah in 2011.

Let’s not get carried away, did anyone watch the Las Vegas Bowl versus BYU? Probably not. How about or his (negative yard) punt versus Wisconsin? (who is on the sidelines by the way? None other than Sean Mannion). Forget all of that and making this long story short: he is now a Pro-Bowl punter for the St. Louis Rams and a world class tweeter.

That’s still not even the best part. He can throw ball pretty well too. He’s career stats are: 5 of 6 (83.3%), 79 yards, 1 TD, 158.3 rating. Fisher loves his trick plays and everyone knows that, ask the Seahawks. One thing no one knows is when will he do it. If I’m a betting man, I say Hekker runs a trick play at least twice in 2015.

Roster Battle

Hekker just got a 6 year $18M contract (9M guaranteed) and the Rams are only going to carry one Punter. While Michael Palardy (preview) has his merits, he's auditioning for a practice squad spot at best.


1) Continue being a badass All-Pro Punter

2) Continue being a badass on trick plays

3) Continue being a badass tweeter

Chances of Making Final Roster (10/10)

Going out on the limb for this one…