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2015 St. Louis Rams Training Camp: OG Cody Wichmann Placed On PUP

The Rams' 2015 NFL Draft sixth-round pick hasn't fully rehabbed his leg after an injury in OTAs.

The only picture of Wichmann in the SBN editor is a booty glamour shot. Enjoy.
The only picture of Wichmann in the SBN editor is a booty glamour shot. Enjoy.
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Not the optimal start to Cody Wichmann's NFL career.

Wichmann was the fourth offensive linemen selected by the Rams in the 2015 NFL Draft following Rob Havenstein, Jamon Brown and Andrew Donnal. A sixth-round pick out of Fresno State, Wichmann will be placed on what is called the Active/PUP which applies to the preseason.

The Active/PUP, as opposed to the Reserve/PUP for the regular season, allows the Rams to bring Wichmann back into the training camp fold immediately after he's cleared by medical officials. While he's on the list, he does still count against the roster cap so the Rams can't bring in a free agent to replace him. If he's unable to be cleared by the end of the preseason, the Rams can move him to the Reserve/PUP where he would have to remain for the first six weeks of the season. During that time, the Rams would be able to sign someone to the roster assuming Wichmann's in line for the 53-man (preparing to copy and paste this for a Todd Gurley post next week...).

Earlier this month in our 2015 roster preview seriesI had Wichmann at a 2.5/10 shot to make the 53-man roster. I don't know that this injury alters my rating, but it certainly sets him back time-wise. Where he might have been able to take advantage of some early opportunities in camp, now he'll have to wait and hope none of the other candidates in competition with him jump his pre-camp slot.