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Random Ramsdom 7/25: Sleeping Giants, Bounties, & Counting Down to Camp

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Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

This Sleeping Giant Will Emerge for the Rams in 2015 |  Fox Sports

There’s a big-time playmaker who has yet to make a significant impact in each of his first two seasons. But offseason reports indicate this former top 10 pick could be ready to contribute and make a big leap in 2015.

Gregg Williams Says Bounties Weren’t About Inflicting Injury |  Pro Football Talk

Recently, Williams talked about the situation [BountyGate], emphasizing the disconnect between tough talk and deliberate attempts to inflict injury on an opponent.

Countdown to Camp: Cornerbacks |  St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

In today’s edition of Countdown to Camp, team insider Myles Simmons takes a look at the Rams’ cornerbacks.

Key Rams for 2015: The Other Tight End |  ESPN

Before the St. Louis Rams report for training camp next week, we're taking a look at five players returning to the team who will need to provide more if the team is going to be a playoff contender in 2015.

Nine QB’s Who Could Win Their First Title in 2015 |

There’s only one quarterback in the NFC West who’s got a solid shot at winning his first championship in 2015.  That rules out Russell Wilson.  There are two from the NFC East...and you may have heard of one of them.

NFC Players at a Crossroads |  CBS Sports

Each season, certain players face a crossroads or have something to prove. The reasons vary. Some of the most common ones are related to age, contract or salary cap concerns, injury or off-field issues. After examining the players at a crossroads in the AFC, here is a look at players in similar situations on NFC teams.

Specialists Week: Punters |  Pro Football Focus

This little ditty is a few days old, but I missed it. It shows just how awesome Johnny Hekker is and therefore I felt obliged to drop it in here...just in case you missed it, too.

Four Prospects the Rams Should Look at in the 2016 Draft |  Cover 32 Rams

Looking forward to the 2016 NFL Draft and the St. Louis Rams needs, it’s hard to judge what will need filling and what won’t as most positions that may need upgrading are currently held by players that might or might not finally realize their potential.

Bernie Leaving the Post-Dispatch |  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Longtime St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist Bernie Miklasz has announced that he is leaving the newspaper after 26 years. His last column will appear on Aug. 9.

Ray Sherman On The Basics Of Being a Rams’ Pass-Catcher

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Is Nike Foles a 2nd Tier QB, Even At His Best? Mike Sando Discusses

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