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St. Louis Rams: One Of The Shortest, Lightest Teams In The NFL

Size matters.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In a piece over at Bleeding Green Nation, SB Nation’s Philadelphia Eagles’ site, Brandon Lee Gowton put together some useful information regarding each NFL team’s average height and weight.  He also quotes head coach Chip Kelly:

Big people beat up little people.

And if he’s right, then the St. Louis Rams are going to get worked over in 2015.

The Rams are the NFL’s third shortest team, measuring in at 73.73 inches.  The Eagles are the tallest, at 74.41.  The Redskins are the lil guys, and measured in at 73.59 inches.

Now, let’s talk girth.


The Rams are the lightest squad in the NFL, weighing in at an 242.30 pounds, while a chunky Colts team tipped the scales at 250.74.

If size does really matter, and Chip Kelly is right about the lil guy getting pushed around, then your St. Louis Rams are pretty much the kid from Little Giants...