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Random Ramsdom 24 July: Surprising Predictions....

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Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Bernie Defends StL as NFL City | 101 ESPN

I'd like to throw a caveat on that: the city will support a WINNING NFL team. When the going gets tough... it's baseball season, right?

Another Ho-Hum Season? | Athlon Sports

At least they don't have us in the basement of the division...Bleacher report agrees

Who Wins Camp Battles? | Bleacher Report

Nothing really outlandish here. Your right side of the OL is gonna be inexperienced though - but Rams fans already knew that

Abundance of Wealth | Bleacher Report

It's a good thing to have.

Wagoner Predicts 53 Man Roster | ESPN

Great job and all Nick, but it doesn't really stack up to our coverage

Throwback: Watch SJ39 Tank Former 49ers LB Patrick Willis | Cover 32

One of my favorite plays in recent memory.

3 Reasons the Rams Could Win the Division | Cover 32

In short, the Rams finally take that much anticipated step forward.

Legion of Boom May be Undermanned in Week 1 | ESPN

Earl Thomas may not be able to play in the season opener at the Ed, which is excellent news for Rams WRs

Jenkins Needs to be More Consistent | ESPN

Said every Rams fan ever.

Mason Set to Slump? | Football Nation

Not going to get 179 carries? Have they met Jeff Fisher?

How Donald Lives in Opponents Backfield | ProFootball Focus

PFF breaks down where Donald excels - and how he can improve. Read this.

Rams Support Wounded Warrior Project | Rams Official Website

As a vet, I love to see when the WWP is supported. Kudos to the Rams for getting this one right.