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2015 Rams Roster Preview: RG Jamon Brown...Starter or Rok Watkins 2.0?

Jamon Brown is a Jeff Fisher pick through and through.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Jamon Brown played his senior season at Louisville listed at 6'6", 326. While not quite Rob Havenstein territory (6'8", 333), that is still a mammoth of a man. And yes, those 'official' heights and weights listed in the programs are inflated. Brown's official measurables at the combine were 6'4", 323.

Brown is known for (SURPRISE!) his tenacity in the run game. He takes the fight to his opponent, sometimes with a little too much vigor. A little slow on the uptake at times, he can be beated with stunts and has also had some conditioning issues. When reading up on Brown, I was reminded of Rok Watkins... and that isn't a good thing.

Roster Battle

Brown is one of the many newcomers to the Rams OL group and watching this play out in camp is going to be fun, especially given the flexibility that some of the Rams OL have. To be fair to the Rams fringe players - the OT spots are fairly well locked up. With Rodger Saffold locking down the LG spot, Brown will be competing with Garrett Reynolds (preview) for the RG spot.

Fisher has shown during his tenure that he has a preference to veterans over rookies, especially along the OL. However, if Brown can show that his conditioning is on point and he can grasp the concepts of the offense he has a shot.


Don't be a fatty. Rok was a fatty and got cut. It's a secondary storyline, but worth monitoring. The last thing the Rams need is a 3rd round in Fisher's dog house to start the season.

Chances of Making Final Roster 8/10

Between his versatility and draft status (that IS a factor, don't let coach-speak fool you), Brown is fairly safe from being cut. The primary reason that this isn't higher is because of his conditioning issues. Jeff Fisher has shown in the past that he will not tolerate players being overweight. If he can keep himself in check at Krispy Kreme, he's going to be on the squad.