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2015 Rams Roster Preview: The Curious Case of QB Case Keenum

After bouncing between Houston and St. Louis last season, Keenum will be shooting for one of three QB roster spots on the 2015 Rams.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Case Keenum logged a lot of frequent flyer miles during the 2014 season. In just over six months, he has been involved in three separate transactions, finally ending on the Rams roster in an offseason trade.

Part of being a backup QB in the NFL is having some starting experience. Good news - Keenum has started 10 games since going undrafted in 2012. Bad news - Keenum has a career 55.2% completion percentage and is 2-8 as a starter.

Roster Battle

Nick Foles (starter) and Sean Mannion (3rd round 2015 NFL Draft pick, developmental QB) are as good as locks to make the final roster - though Mannion will likely not be suiting up on game days. That leaves Keenum competing with Austin Davis for the primary backup slot.

Davis was briefly a baller in early 2014, but defenses quickly caught up to him and he was exposed over the course of the season. If Davis can show that his adjustment skills have improved, he has a leg up in the battle.

The winner will get to hold a clipboard all season. The loser gets cut. It's as simple as that.


Prove that he is the best clipboard holder on the roster.

Seriously, that's all I want him to do. If he's on the 53-man roster and is starting, the Rams have some serious issues. I want him wearing that ballcap and holding that clipboard. Nothing else.

Chances of Making Final Roster (6/10)

Tevin put Davis at a 7/10 and that is justified given the flash he had last season. I have to put Keenum a notch below that simply because Davis has shown more promise. However, the Rams wouldn't have acquired him - twice - if they didn't see something in him.

While I think Davis has a leg up heading into camp, it will be a fairly even competition.