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2015 Rams Roster Preview: OL Garrett Reynolds...Versatile Backup or Bridge Starter?

Garrett Reynolds was the first OL domino to fall for the Rams in the 2015 offseason. He will serve multiple roles within the OL group - and could be an unexpected vital piece of the puzzle.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Heading into free agency, the Rams' offensive line was a disaster. The group will only return two of five starters and lost versatile backup Mike Person also. The Rams responded by signing Garrett Reynolds and drafting five (nearly six) offensive linemen.

That's going to breed a lot of competition, which isn't a bad thing, but Reynolds is going to serve an altogether different purpose.

Roster Battle

The last time we touched on the OL was with 3k's roster preview on Travis Bond. There isn't as much to note with competition in Reynolds as with the younger guys. The primary battle for Reynolds will be proving to the coaching staff that he has the ability to mentor the newcomers along the line.


The value for Reynolds (and his key to sticking with the roster) is as a de-facto replacement mentor for the Rams' bevy of youngsters. To fulfill that role, he will have to epitomize professionalism and teach them how to be pros. That may be asking a lot of a player who is a journeyman, but whether it is fair or not is irrelevant. That is what this team needs from him.

Reynolds played for Rams OL Coach Paul Boudreau in Atlanta. He will need to re-acclimate with system, help the young guns learn the system, and backup multiple spots - all while maintaining the ability to make a spot start if called upon.

Chances of Making Roster (9/10)

Versatility. That's going to be Reynolds calling for the Rams in 2015.

If he is able to balance all of these roles, the Rams will be getting a bargain. Part of the reason that this rating is so high is because of the $250k signing bonus that has already been paid to him. That may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it's enough of a sign to believe that he will be around for the 2015 season.