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Nick Foles and The Logarithmic Touchdown-Mindblown Scale (LTMS) - Part 3

In our second installment of the Nick Foles Logarithmic Touchdown-Mindblown Scale (NFLTMS), we discussed touchdown passes 3 and 4, versus the Colts and the Redskins. Foles' 3rd TD definitely produced some lovely brain chemicals, rating a 7.4 (pretty dang high). Today, we will focus on his next two touchdown passes (5 and 6), also versus the Redskins. Foles liked playing the Redskins. Let's dig in.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

In my second piece on the NFLTMS, I gave the TD's a rating of 7.4 and 6.5.  Pretty sure this was the outcome for some of you, especially the squeezed 3rd TD to Jeremy Maclin:

However, we don't want to lead the witness, only encourage you to bask in the glow of a job WELL DONE.  Today, we will break down touchdown passes 5 and 6, both versus the Redskins.  What is notable about these TD's is that these are vertical pass concepts to inside wide receivers, and on both throws, Foles makes sure the ball is thrown over the top with plenty of air.

Week 3: Redskins

Situation: 20-14 Redskins, 0:13 left in 2nd quarter, 2nd and 8 on the Redskins' 11 yard line.

NFLTMS Magnitude: 7.9

This is one of the balsiest, most assured throws have seen in Foles' career thus far.  Watch this GIF at least 3 times.  It is so beautiful and perfect I want to paint its picture.  The timing of the throw, the placement to left upright where Jordan Matthews can get a quick toe-tap in, the pace of the ball (no chance for LB or safety to break up the play).

This is Foles' first read all the way.  He hits his drop the moment that Matthews breaks past the outside shoulder of the LB, and the second the LB turns his head the ball is out on a frozen rope.  The LB picks up the ball way too late, and Matthews simply has to complete his catch.  The play call is also nice (note how the safety is occupied by outer slot WR, so Matthews can win his matchup).

The Eagles' offense thrived on timing, and this was a great example.  But it also showed that Foles can be decisive in these windows, make a perfect throw and tie the game in a 2 minute drill.

Week 3: Redskins

Situation: 27-27 tie, 7:39 left in 4th quarter, 2nd and 6 on the Redskins' 27 yard line.

NFLTMS Magnitude: 6.9

I've watched this play a dozen times, and I'm still trying to figure out how Foles puts this much mustard on the ball for what is mechanically 78% arm.  I'm that intrigued!  I am interested in your explanations.

Watch as Eagles' center Jason Kelce is bull rushed by the Redskins' nose tackle (Kelce recovers well), causing Foles to accelerate his drop and throw with a rushed delivery (in my opinion).  However, before the throw, it appears Foles holds the safety with his head a moment to allow Jeremy Maclin to have a free vertical seam on the numbers.  Maclin already beat the CB with a shoulder fake off the snape, and simply runs by him.  With the hesitation by the safety, there is no play on a strike to Maclin.

In one motion, Foles turns, drops, plants, cocks and fires a near perfect ball to hit Maclin in stride.  The Eagles would go on to victory.  It's a little awkward looking, but there's no such thing as an ugly touchdown.

Now, how would you rate the above two touchdowns on the NFLTMS?