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Random Ramsdom: LA Dreamin'?

The Chargers, Raiders, Rams vs Los Angeles vs San Diego vs Oakland re-location battle continues quietly to creep forward. The odds are we will know what teams end up where by the end of the year. In other news, experts around the league take a look at rising stars and impact players of the NFC West. All that, and more is one simple scroll down away...

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

LA stadium predictions for the remainder of the year -LA Times

St. Louis and San Diego have put together serious proposals — although the Rams and Chargers aren't impressed. But Oakland is lagging in a big way, so much so that representatives from that city likely won't even be invited to New York for the meetings.

What are the Rams weakness' and how will they address them? -Bleacher Report [Video]

Is first year offensive coordinator, Frank Cignetti the weak link?

Strong side linebacker- Ayers or Dunbar? -ESPN

I posited to a friend of mine, before free agency or the draft that the Rams needed help at the SAM linebacker spot and I hoped Dante Fowler Jr would fall to the number 10 spot. He told me I was nuts. The Rams didn't need a SAM, since Gregg Williams ran that Big Nickel package last year. About a week later, free agency opened and the Rams promptly signed Akeem Ayers. Now, who gets the starting nod?

Who is the best new player in the NFC West? According to Josh Weinfuss, Nick Wagoner, Paul Gutierrez and Terry Blount there can be only one-Jimmy Graham. That's a bold statement and if I may say so, a depressingly conservative one. I for one am not buying it and it seems as though I am not alone.

Michael Condon over at Ramblin' Fan had this to say...

That brings us to our follow up point. According to Ramblin’ Fan, Nick Foles is the player that will have the biggest impact on the NFC West this year. This site has been critical of Foles in the early going, but ultimately the success or failure of Foles will have a larger impact on the future of the Rams, than the success or failure Graham will have on the Seahawks. A successful campaign from Foles could mean the ending to an 11 year playoff drought for a franchise in dire need of something good to hold on to. Graham breaking 1,000 receiving yards doesn’t quite share the same impact.

Seen floating around twitter...

Do you remember the Rams 2014 Season? Do you want to?

Which star is ascending the fastest in the NFC West? -ESPN

A little Aaron Donald love for you this Wednesday morning...

And now, for the tunes...