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St. Louis Rams: 2015 Media Guide Doesn't Include Owner Stan Kroenke Bio

Uh, ok.

Stan Kroenke. Owner of the St. Louis Rams, among other expensive things. You may not know him well. That's part of the point of a team media guide, to provide the inclined parties with information they can use to reinforce their output.

Lest you missed it, here's Kroenke's bio from the 2014 St. Louis Rams Media Guide:

Kroenke bio 1

Kroenke bio 2

Simple, yeah? Well, the 2015 St. Louis Rams Media Guide has been released, and strangely enough, Kroenke has been omitted.

What's more, clicking for more information from his bio page on the official team site leads to this dead page.

Draw your own conclusions. It may be nothing more than a technical glitch, something we're used to seeing.

UPDATE (via RVB): The Rams tell me that a fan shared a link to the rough draft of the media guide, i.e. one that wasn't finished, they found online. Once the company that puts the thing together realized what was happening, they pulled it down.

A week ago, the St. Louis Business Journal reported on a market study conducted by Conventions, Sports and Leisure. That Journal story, located here, was quickly taken down. TST asked why and was directed to Editor Patricia Miller by a staffer who suggested the question was "one for management", offering, "All I can tell you is it was factual."

When asked to clarify why the piece was taken down, Miller replied, "technical glitch."

The story has yet to be re-published on the St. Louis Business Journal.

Watch out for them technical glitches, yall.

(h/t /r/StLouisRams)

(Updated at 6:07pm, July 14)

Looks like they took down the 2015 guide and replaced it with the 2014 edition. Stay tuned.