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Random Ramsdom July 10: Another OL Added Via Supplemental Draft

The Rams spent a 2016 NFL Draft fifth-rounder on Clemson OT Isaiah Battle. Here's how everyone reacted.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Rams Draft Isaiah Battle in Supplemental Draft | AP

Between the big flashy banner that 3k put up and the three articles (here, here, and here), TST pretty well has you covered. But in case you needed more coverage, the Post-Dispatch, CBS Sports, ESPN, ESPN again, SB Nation, Bleacher Report, Rant Sports, and the Rams official website have you covered.

But How does he Fit? | Bleacher Report

Expect the Rams to bring him along slowly. VERY SLOWLY

Rams Among Least Watchable Offenses | National Football Post

They check in at #3 on the list. Call me a homer, but I'm hopeful that Cig will be better than Schotty

Why is Hekker #2? | Bleacher Report

I mean... he should be #1 for his personality alone

Study finds that St Louis will support Rams | StL Today

But only in a new stadium? Fair weather fans piss me off.

Breaking Down the Defensive Depth Chart | Bleacher Report

In a word. Beastly.

Gregg Williams Not Worried About Another Slow Start | ESPN

There is no doubt that the Defense will be the unit pulling the weight next season. The team can't afford another slow start from them.

What Would a Foles Extension Look Like? | ESPN

Wagoner guestimates a 4 year deal with an AAV somewhere between $12-14M. I could definitely live with that. JUST DON'T TURN THE BALL OVER. That is all.