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Random Ramsdom 6/9: Foles Earns Praise, Britt Desires Improvement

The winds are calm right now in the NFL, but we're hearing from Kenny Britt and Nick Foles as well as a few other notable events.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Updates

Britt hopes to come back better than ever in 2015.

Garcia was too tempting for the Rams staff to pass on.

Here's a list of those who've impressed thus far.

Nick Foles becomes the first STL QB in a while to receive praise.

The RB ensemble the Rams have acquired has been feeding off each others' energy.

Though the team has had notoriously slow starts, the regimen remains unchanged.


Here's a look at the Rams' defense for 2015.

For those hoping to remain in STL, here's a source telling you you're hopeless.

Rodney McLead participates in a charity event.

Jeff Fisher's squad also competes, and wins, in a charity softball game.

Is Nick Foles "the man?"

Around the NFL

Spikes, who was a questionable signing to the Patriots as he openly supported Aaron Hernandez, is now a free agent once more after an interesting event.

Dez Bryant sounds off on Tony Romo's nixed fantasy football convention in Vegas.

Though perhaps premature, here's how GMs clock in.

The Cowboys are the first team moving to the future with this brand new technology.