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2015 St. Louis Rams: Team To Close Out Week With Third OTA (UPDATED)

Practice makes something.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams are back at it today with OTA #3. Words from Fish & Foles if you missed it. Let's swing around the major storylines.

The Offensive Line

Greg Robinson and Rodger Saffold sat out yesterday (more on that below), so the Rams' line was even more hodgepodge (from LT to RT): Brandon Washington, Garrett Reynolds, Barrett Jones, Jamon Brown and Rob Havenstein. Yikes. Unsurprisingly, the offense was harassed by the defensive pressure and struggled overall. With just more than two months to the first preseason game, this is going to take some time to get right.


Todd Gurley: knee.

Brian Quick: shoulder.

Rodger Saffold: shoulder.

Greg Robinson: toe.

Those were the big four yesterday, with Gurley and Quick the only injuries needing extended time to rehab. The latter three did, however, participate in some individual drills so nothing all that concerning overall.

The Rookies

There's not a ton to be gleaned from OTA highlights, but Imoan Claiborne was unable to stop the biggest offensive play of the day - a deep pass from Nick Foles to Kenny Britt. All in all though, this is just warming up for camp. If we're fast-forwarding beyond OTAs, the real takeaway is Jamon Brown and Rob Havenstein seemingly entrenched as your starters at right guard and right tackle.


Yesterday reinforced this storyline: the defense is going to have to carry this team, at least through the early part of the schedule. They've got veteran expertise and overall talent far beyond the offense. It showed. Note Akeem Ayers' participation with the 1's was pretty heavy, though that may have been due to Mark Barron plugging in for T.J. McDonald.

OTA Offseason Workouts: June 2, June 4-5, June 8-9, June 11, June 15-16, June 18-19

(UPDATED, 4:26pm, June 5)

Media filing reports:

Interesting note, that last one. Couple it with Nick Wagoner's revelation that the Rams are adding more zone blocking into their offensive system this year, and it sounds like a pretty substantial change of how the Rams' offensive line plans to conduct business.