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NFL Sets Special Aug. 11 Owner Meeting To Address Football In Los Angeles

We're getting close to a vote.

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Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

At first pass, this feels to me like a final presentation meeting.

This is Inglewood reminding everyone that Stan Kroenke has enough money to do whatever he wants. This is St. Louis getting beyond the political infighting over the public money necessary to get the riverfront stadium built and solidifying what is otherwise a quality NFL stadium proposal. This is Carson coming to the table with agreements...on paper. And San Diego has to prove they have a leg up as a market.

I suppose this could be when they vote as well, but I'd think you'd want to have some time to digest the presentations, go over the details, have some space to get some questions answered and talk to the parties involved and then make a decision on what the road ahead is.

Bear in mind, there's already an owner's meeting scheduled for October. So setting this additional meeting in August certainly leads into that one.

So for me, I'm guessing this is the last ditch presentation before a vote. With the Rams having squared away things contractually to begin moving in March, we're going to know where the Rams are playing football in 2016 relatively soon.