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Random Ramsdom: Adrian Peterson is Back, Baby!

The 2015 NFL season is getting started and units around the league are working hard to establish themselves for future success. We take a look today at what the Rams are up to, as well as some of their coming opponents.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports grades the NFL draft -First-Pick

Well, well, well, should we laugh or cry? Only time will tell.

WR Bud Sasser signs rookie contract -Fantasy SP

This seems a bid odd, since the Rams have been in the habit of signing their entire draft class at the same time.

Jimmy knows blocking -ESPN

Some have been questioning Jimmy Graham's blocking abilities.

"I could show you," Graham said. "Listen man, I’m 270 pounds. I can block anybody I want to. It’s all about want to. We’ll see come the first Sunday."

Why would he need to be able to block?


Just what needs to happen with the Rams offense? -Bleacher Report

Obviously, it could be boiled down to: move the ball- score points. BR takes a bit more in depth look at it and how it could all play out.

Before the Rams can take the next step, they must develop a blueprint for the 2015 offense. There are a lot of new faces on that side of the ball, and there's also a nice crop of young talent with which to work.

Where is Pittsburgh's defense at? -Piitsburgh Post-Gazette

The Rams week three opponent has a lot of questions on the defensive side of the ball. Will they step up this year?

Adrian Peterson is -Star Tribune

Adrian Peterson’s standoff with the Vikings seemed as if it might stretch into training camp after his Twitter rant last week decrying the NFL’s lack of guaranteed contracts. But Peterson surprisingly decided Monday to rejoin his teammates after conversations over the weekend, specifically with second-year coach Mike Zimmer.

Meanwhile, in Baltimore, WR Steve Smith Sr. needs to step up -Baltimore Ravens

When the Ravens opened up an Organized Team Activity practice to the media last week, it wasn’t difficult to pick out the top wide receiver.

You didn’t need an expert’s eyes to recognize that Steve Smith Sr. was getting open and catching passes all over the field.

And now for something entirely different...