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2015 Rams Roster Preview: Can a FB make the Roster?

Jeff Fisher has already doubled down on the Running game for 2015. Will he push all the chips in and carry a FB on the active roster as well?

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Jeff Fisher has an interesting decision to make. On one hand, he is a throwback coach that loves to win with smash-mouth football. On the other hand, he coaches in an ever-evolving NFL where versatility is treasured.

Why do I mention this? Because the fate of Georgia Tech grad Zach Laskey likely falls to which one of those traits he values more.

Roster Battle

We last looked at RBs in the Malcolm Brown preview. However, in case your forgot Fisher's seemingly increasing obsession with the position, roster spots will be hard to come by with Todd Gurley, Tre Mason, Benny Cunningham, Isaiah Pead (I know....), and Chase Reynolds all in tow.

When looking at Laskey, there are 2 questions to ponder:

1) How Many RBs will the Rams carry?
2) Is there room for a 'true' FB on the roster when two of the Rams TEs (Corey Harkey and Lance Kendricks) are cherished for their versatility?

The answer is both cut-and-dry and complicated. Do the Rams NEED to carry a FB? Hell no! They essentially have two TEs that can play the position adequately while offering the ability to flex out as a WR keeping the defense honest.

That's not to say that Fisher WON'T carry a FB. If he decides that having one on the roster will significantly enhance the run game, he's going to consider carrying Laskey on the roster instead of that extra DL or WR. That also means that Laskey will be trying to prove his worth on special teams - meaning that he's not only competing against the RBs and TEs, but against most other UDFAs for those coveted roster spots.

Like I said... it's complicated.


What can you expect from an UDFA FB? To be honest, not much. Stay healthy, compete, and hope the coaches are impressed with what you can do.

Chances of Making Final Roster (3/10)

I put Malcolm Brown at a 2/10 and I think that Laskey has a better chance than him to make the roster. But in today's NFL, not even Jeff Fisher can carry an UDFA that is strictly a FB. Laskey will either have to show that he is All-World as a FB or prove his worth on special teams to make the roster.