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2015 Rams Roster Preview: OT Darrell Williams Tries To Separate From Crowded Young O-line Field

The Orlando-bred product tries to gain an edge on the field as the 2015 season nears.

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

What serves better to break up the NBA Draft than some UDFA offensive tackle talk? Nothing, friends. Nothing.

Here, we're talking about Jamaican-born, Orlando-raised Darrell Williams who had options throughout college football but settled for immediate playing time with the University of South Florida.

Roster Battle

We last addressed the O-line in the roster preview piece for former Virginia Tech C David Wang. You've got a couple of different things at play. For one, you've only got LT Greg Robinson and LG Rodger Saffold as sure locks. You've got a battle at center with Barrett Jones and Tim Barnes with perhaps Demetrius Rhaney as a dark horse. G Jamon Brown and RT Rob Havenstein are the likely starter on the right side as rookies. You've got the depth in G/T Brandon Washington and G Garrett Reynolds. And fourth-round 2015 NFL Draft selection Andrew Donnal likely has too much invested to ditch in year one.

So how do things shake out between Williams, OT Steven Baker, G Travis Bond, Wang and G Cody Wichmann.


As a UDFA, he's looking up. That's ok. He'll have a chance to come in and earn time and space to climb up the roster. With perhaps only Baker in the same boat as him and with Washington's experience at guard, he may have a clear line to leapfrog all other candidates.

Chances of Making Final Roster (3.5/10)

Yeah, we're offering half-sizes on footwear tonight.

It's not easy with the clutter in front of him, but I think he's got a real shot. He'll at least have one early on. And with 24 live-action games of experience at left tackle, he's coming in with legitimate training at the position to back up Greg Robinson with fair justification.

USF may be better known on the NFL stage for their defensive feed, but Darrell Williams could be helping expand the program's base for scouts and fans alike.