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Rams Roster Preview: P Michael Palardy, The Ultimate Backup Plan

Is he eating a roster spot or providing a valuable insurance policy?

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Palardy was the most head-scratching signing of the offseason for the Rams - and potentially the wisest. I know what you're thinking... the Rams have an All-Pro punter that they just signed to a six-year, $16.5M contract. So why waste a roster spot on another punter? Even with a 90-man roster, that seems foolish. However, Palardy has an ace up his sleeve that most fans don't know about.

In his senior season at Tennessee, Palardy was the Vols' punter AND placekicker. He wasn't doing either of them half-assed either. He pinned opponents inside their 20-yard line on 33 of his 63 punts that season - tying him for the FBS lead. He also was 14-17 in the field goal department with the longest being 51 yards.

Roster Battle

The Rams are only going to carry one kicker and punter - period. There is no competition here. The issue is whether Palardy does enough to earn a spot on the practice squad as a backup to both Johnny Hekker and Greg Zuerlein.


What expectations can you lay on a player essentially trying out to be an insurance policy?

Chances of Making Final Roster (0/10)

Sorry kid. You aren't beating out an All-Pro. Being able to back up both the kicking spots on the roster has some value though. Best of luck trying to earn a spot on the practice squad.