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2015 St. Louis Rams Roster Preview: LS Tyler Ott Has The Footballing World Going Crazy Over His Amazing Long Snapping

If you haven't seen what this American football long snapper can do, you have to check this out!

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Long snapping is one of the most prestigious aspects of football.

From Jerry "Snapsy Doopsy" McWhortlemansinton from those great long-snapping Colts teams of the 1960s to Fims "The Yeoman Snapper" Kerchuk ushering the modern era of long-snapping all the way to "Double Diamond" Dur Geffly in Miami, undoubtedly the flashiest long-snapper of all time, snaplonging, as it's known, is hardly a lost art.

With a solid crop of long-snappers on the way from college including Reid Ferguson (LSU),Taybor Pepper (Michigan State), Nolan Frese (Houston), Jeff Overbaugh (San Diego State) and Cole Mazza (Alabama), there's pressure on NFL long-snappers to provide some RedZone Channel-ready highlights in 2015.

That includes first-year Ram and second-year NFL long snapper Tyler Ott.

Roster Battle

Out of the more than 100,000 options from across the country and the world at large, the Rams are carrying just two long snappers in Ott and long-term snaplonger Jake McQuaide. I wouldn't say it's exactly a duel to the death. It's a bit more important, and dramatic, than that.


Ott is Harvard-educated and New England Patriot-raised. He not only has Super Bowl chops, but can teach other Rams particle physics in between plays. If Janoris Jenkins can't explain Hilbert spaces by week four, it's fair to call Ott a bust at that point.

Chances of Making Final Roster (2/10)

McQuaide's a wily vet going into his fifth year with the Rams having grown up in the Snapping Wars of the late aughts in the Big Ten. Ott's a Massachusettsan by way of Oklahoma who's as comfortable with a football in his hands as he is axial flow research fans.

The battle between these two will no doubt captivate media, and fans, alike come training camp. Just try not paying attention to this one.