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2015 St. Louis Rams Roster Preview: LB Keshaun Malone Tries To Put Bacone On The NFL Map

The NAIA standout has a tough road ahead of him to stick with the Rams in 2015.

There's not a ton of pictures of Keshaun Malone at Bacone on the internet, guys.
There's not a ton of pictures of Keshaun Malone at Bacone on the internet, guys.

Some victories have already been had.

Keshaun Malone played football at Bacone College, a private school in Muskogee, Oklahoma, with an enrollment of less than 1,000 people. Their student center is a converted shopping center:

Bacone Student Center

Bacone College is the oldest school in Oklahoma, a small outpost at the confluence of the ArkansasVerdigris and Neosho Rivers the celebrates an affiliation American Baptists and Native American history.

Keshaun Malone doesn't have to make the final roster. He's already made it.

Roster Battle

We looked at the linebacker position most recently with the Cameron Lynch roster preview write-up. Essentially, you've got a four-man race in Malone, Lynch, Bryce Hager (roster preview) and Marshall McFadden behind an assumed locked-in top five. Carving out a spot either for linebacking depth or as a primary special teams contributor is what this battle comes down to.


Malone doesn't have anything to prove to anyone. He made an NFL team's camp out of an NAIA school and that's exceeding expectations enough. The only real sense we'll get of where this bar is is when camp opens up and we see how well he's playing alongside those other three in the running for a potential final LB slot.

Chances of Making Final Roster (1/10)

With Lynch and Hager coming from major programs and Marshall McFadden a year the wiser, Malone's looking up a tall, tall tree here. Again, it's a testament to him that he's even in position to see it. If we're ranking all nine linebackers on probability to make the team though, Malone's at the back.

Not sure that there's another candidate that I'd be pulling for more though.