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Random Ramsdom 19 June: Tavon tired of 'Bust' Label

With OTAs in the rearview, we move forward to the slowest month of the NFL season

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Ayers Picks Up Ring | AP

The Rams OLB celebrated with Tom Brady and Co., but is all business back at Rams Park

New Contract for $am? |

So he didn't want to take a pay cut to stay in St. Louis... but wants to talk with PHI?

Joyner Eyes Bounce-Back Season | ESPN

The Rams 2014 2nd Round pick was humbled as a rookie, but eyes redemption this year.

Tavon Hears Whispers | ESPN

He's not phased by the 'bust' label; puts faith in Cignetti and has high hopes for a breakout season

Are Rams Hitching Their Carraige to the Wrong Player? | ESPN

Many don't think Todd Gurley is the future of the team. Regardless of where you stand on the argument, we all get to see this play out together. In other news - his contract is 100% guaranteed.

Rhaney has Legit Chance to Start | ESPN

Despite Wagoner's argument, I think he's a backup at best - this year.

"The position is open, but right now we are just focused on learning the plays, learning what (offensive line) coach (Paul) Boudreau likes, what coach Fisher likes, cheering each other on and getting through OTAs." -Rhaney

When you were redshirted as a rookie and are still learning what your position coach likes... it doesn't inspire confidence.

Rams Veterans Poised for Bounce-back Seasons | Bleacher Report

The term veteran is used on this Rams squad lightly, but nonetheless here are some players who have to play better if the Rams are going to challenge for a playoff spot.

Rams Invest in Community | St Louis

The franchise did a classy thing by helping re-sod old Sportsman's Park

Clarity At Top of QB Depth Chart - Uncertainty Elsewhere | Bleacher Report

Everyone knows Foles is going to Start, but who will be #2 and #3?

OTAs are over... | STL Today

Now for the longest month in the NFL calendar

McLeod Excited about D's Potential | STL Today

I mean.... who isn't? Gregg Williams loves the continuity too.

T.J. McDonald: Pro-bowler? |

T.J. Mac ended last season on a high note. Will his ascendance continue in 2015?

Laurinaitis is 'Elder Statesman' - at 28 | ESPN

That's a testament to his leadership and the Rams youth.