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2015 St. Louis Rams: Final OTA Remains Ahead Of Monthlong Offseason

Today's final organized team activity is all that separates the Rams from the break before training camp.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Well, we're here.

The Rams have just today's final organized team activity before closing up. Well, partially. The veterans are free to enjoy the offseason starting tomorrow, but the rookies will have to stick around for a week for some more tutelage both for on-field and off-field challenges.

Still seeking some clarification on a slight change in the OTA schedule as it was originally supposed to take place today and tomorrow though that morphed into yesterday as the final closed practice and today's final overall practice remaining open to the media.

In any case, Friday's a bit of a circleable day on the calendar. It's the first official close out day before the Rams open training camp on July 31, the first of 42 days in between today's final OTA and the first day of camp.

The walk through the desert is longer for the eyes than the feet.

The Offensive Line

On Tuesday, I dropped Wagoner's pieces on Barrett Jones and Tim Barnes as the center battle rages on. As Waggo suggests though, don't overlook Demetrius Rhaney.


That's where we left off on Tuesday. We know Gurley's down for a while, but the timeline on McDonald, Barron and Wichmann isn't certain. Those three are the key names on that list as we eye training camp.

The Rookies

Need someone to do something special today. This is two OTA posts in a row without an ALL HAIL.

If you're content-starved, Aaron Schatz (of Football Outsiders and ESPN contributions) offered his take on why the Rams building around Todd Gurley makes no sense (insider sub required because boo). It's, more or less, the same reasons I put out on why I hated the pick in the first placeWaggle Room had a bit of a counter to those ideas though pointing out that Fisher is relying on his defense more than any offensive component.


Wag the Dog on the defense is kind of the definitive question surrounding the defense for the Rams in 2015.

Will update this post with more info as the media reports from practice today.

OTA Offseason Workouts: June 2, June 4-5, June 8-9, June 11, June 15-16, June 17?, June 18-19