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2015 St. Louis Rams: Ranks Rams RBs At 19th In League

NFL Media's Mark Sessler ranked every running back corps in the league, and the Rams made the bottom half.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

If there's a position the Rams are looking to take charge of, it's the running back.

Take note of how heavily they've invested in running backs in just the last four drafts:

Name POS Year Round Pick (Ovr)
Todd Gurley RB 2015 1 10 (10)
Tre Mason RB 2014 3 11 (75)
Zac Stacy RB 2013 5 27 (160)
Isaiah Pead RB 2012 2 18 (50)
Daryl Richardson RB 2012 7 45 (252)

That's significant draft capital to spend on a single position when you're trying to craft a playoff team out of a roster that, going back to that 2012 NFL Draft timeframe, needed a lot of work.

So when's Mark Sessler ranked the NFL running back units, you'd hope the Rams' young group would at least make the top half of the league.


Sessler has them at 19th with this short writeup:

The Rams have a chance to leap up this list if Gurley blows up, but we need to see him fully healthy first. Mason was a versatile revelation down the stretch, but his touches are going to dip if Gurley delivers as expected.

There's a ton to quibble with on the list.

Philadelphia coming in at #1 above Seattle is a bit surprising, but I get Sessler's trying to project out rather than go off of 2014. Still, the Chargers are 12th overall despite being next to last in yards per carry a season ago. And swapping Ryan Matthews for Melvin Gordon doesn't seem to be a warranted reason to have them seven slots above the Rams. And the Colts a slot above them at #11 just seems to be asking a lot out of Frank Gore for a 32-year old workhorse back. On the other hand, watch the Cowboys down at 26. That offensive line is going to make that unit look much better than people are slotting it at right now.

In any case, it's a fair estimation of where the Rams sit on the national radar: