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Random Ramsdom 6/17/15: Short-term or Long-term with Nick Foles?

Right now, the largest question the Rams have is whether they'll seek an extension with Nick Foles this off season. Personally, I can't justify paying top dollar for him, but I also can't justify letting a solid QB walk either. It's a tough one.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Updates

Barrett Jones claims he's the most ready he's been since he was drafted.

The Rams are sending all good reports out on Rodney McLeod.

Evan Mathis carries a high price tag, but he would be a great addition.

The Rams are finishing the OTAs portion of the offseason.


Having won with the New England Patriots, Akeem Ayers brings a winning mentality to the Rams.

Jeff Fisher is content with the new rules.

The plethora of running back options has lowered Tre Mason's value.

Many are discussing a possible extension with Foles, but he hasn't played a single down with the team.

Some consider Cory Harkey to be the most unappreciated Rams player.

Other than the Seahawks, of course, what do the Rams fear?

Here's a listing of why the Rams don't bolt for LA.

Around the NFL

Rodgers debunks rumors that he'd be calling his own plays this upcoming season.

Bleacher Report tosses out the top 100 receivers they've listed for 2014.

Having lost DeMarco Murray, the Cowboys are apparently the "worst" backfield in the league.

In quite a bold claim, Adrian Peterson announced his intention to break the rushing record.