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2015 Rams Roster Preview: WR Isiah Ferguson

The little known Arkansas-Pine Bluff product certainly has NFL size. Does he have NFL skills to go with it?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Isiah Ferguson is one of the more enigmatic NFL prospects I've ever seen.

His official University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff bio page isn't much of a bio at all. He didn't put up the gaudy numbers to warrant a ton of media interest during his time there with 47 catches for 692 yards from the last two years. There's a piece here from the Pine Bluff Commercial, but it is of course behind a paywall. When you're a damn media giant like the PBC, there's no way you're giving away that goodness for free. This podcast interview is actually very helpful in trying to get some info on Ferguson since all they have on his official page is his silhouette. Kinda strange that they'd take the time to get that and not an actual photo.

Roster Battle

This is the first WR we've gotten to in the roster preview series, so let's take quick stock of the position itself. The Rams started the season with five receivers on the 53-man, but remember that Stedman Bailey was suspended to begin 2014. It's also worth keeping in mind that the Rams released Austin Pettis after week 7. The Rams are now heading towards training camp with 12 wide receivers expected to report with the departure of Bud Sasser (alphabetically): Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Emory Blake, Kenny Britt, Ferguson, Chris Givens, Bradley Marquez, Brian Quick, Daniel Rodriguez, Tyler Slavin, Damian Williams and Devon Wylie. That's a tough group for any of the UDFAs to crack let alone a less-than-productive product of an FCS school.


Ferguson doesn't have a ton to live up to. As one of five UDFAs, it's a large crop that carry next to no expectations whatsoever. Still, the pressure is on all of those UDFAs to try to survive the cuts and carve out a professional career...

Chances of Making Final Roster (1/10)

...that being said, it's a tough climb for Ferguson. There's a starting core five (similar to cornerback...) in Austin, Bailey, Britt, Givens and Quick. That leaves seven wideouts fighting for a single potential spot. It's tough to see Ferguson winning that over the six other candidates on sheer field size alone. Of course you wonder with his size if a move to tight end is possible which might help his chances.

As it stands though, he's going to be a fun camp fighter to watch and see if he can make a play or two and be a July surprise.