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2015 St. Louis Rams: 2015 NFL Draft Class Signs

The St. Louis Rams 2015 draft class is signed.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, the St. Louis Rams have signed their entire 2015 NFL Draft class - all the way from first-round draft pick running back Todd Gurley to seventh-round defensive end Martin Ifedi.

The rest of the draft class includes second-rounder Rob Havenstein, third-rounders offensive lineman Jamon Brown and quarterback Sean Mannion, fourth-round offensive lineman Andrew Donnal, sixth-round guard Cody Wichmann, sixth-round wide receiver Bud Sasser who was released from the roster because he did not pass medical examinations, and seventh-round linebacker Bryce Hager.

Signing their draft picks together is not a new move for Rams. The team generally signs their draft classes together since Jeff Fisher has been coaching the team. The reason that the Rams take extra time to sign their draft picks is because they like to give the players financial classes and information on becoming a pro player and the temptations that come with the new territory.

Now that it's in the books, the front office, coaching staff and entire roster can begin looking forward to training camp and the 2015 preseason.