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Random Ramsdom 12 June: Investigating Positional Battles

Swinging through all the Rams news to close out the week.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Zuerlein Prepped for Longer PAT | STL Today

If he'd have had a say in it... they'd still be kicking from inside the 5. But 'Legatron' sounds like he's ready to embrace the challenge.

Chase Reynolds' Unique View | STL Today

How did Reynolds and Pead end up in the same article?

Is Ayers The Perfect Fit? | Fansided

Ayers upped his production when he joined the talented Pats D last season. Can he further up his game behind the best front 4 in the NFL?

Rams Center Battle to Be a Long One | ESPN

I wouldn't expect this to be resolved until late into the preseason.

Gaines Takes 'Big Break', Keeps Chip on Shoulder | Fox Sports Midwest

The sophomore wisely took the advise of some of the Rams veterans and took a break before starting his offseason program. Don't think for a second though that he took that chip off his shoulder.

Taking a Look at the Rams 3-Headed CB Monster | ESPN

Wagoner also provides some OTA summaries at the end of the article.

Comparing Havenstein to Turley? | ESPN

C'mon D'marco... you're better than this

Long Getting Back to 100% | StL

Chris Long hints at some frustration at a slower than expected recovery.

Pro Football Focus Ranks Rams Roster #24 | ESPN

Bit disappointed that they view Foles as someone 'to be upgraded'

1 On 1 with Rob Havenstein |

The Rams presumptive starting RT seems to be settling in OK.

Rams WR Group an Interesting One | Fox Sports Midwest

Foles seems to excite these guys. Moreso than a stoic Sam Bradford at least.

Best/Worst Case Scenario for Gurley | STL

Was expecting more from this...