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Jeff Fisher Post OTA Presser: Safety T.J. McDonald had “a little offseason issue."

Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher fielded questions from the media on Tuesday. Here’s what he had to say about his rookies, the outlook for 2015, and T.J. McDonalds "little ordeal."

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher fielded questions from the media on Tuesday. Here’s what he had to say about his rookies, the outlook for 2015, and T.J. McDonalds "little ordeal."

(Opening statement)
"Today was good, good warm day. We got a lot of work in. We had to eliminate a period because of time restrictions. Guys did really well yesterday. We’ll back down a little bit tomorrow. Kind of do a non-OTA mental day, kind of get them back. But, we didn’t have any issues today."

(On how long they’re allowed to practice during an OTA)
"OTA is a six-hour day from the time they step in the building until the time we’re done. It’s a two-hour time limit for practice."

(On if the time limit hurts the development of the rookies)
"There’s no limitations for the rookies. This is veteran players. The limitations relate specifically to the veteran players. There’s no limitations for rookies. We keep the rookies after and get a lot more work. Not that we’re doing anything on the field, but we get a lot more classroom stuff. A little longer day for the rookies."

(On having coached the father of LB Bryce Hager)
"Are you saying do I feel old? Something like that. It’s interesting because I got to the combine and I wasn’t interested in everybody there. I saw the name of the linebacker. ‘I wonder if this is Britt’s kid.’ As it turns out it was. It’s a great story behind how Britt was drafted in Philly. He played a long time. There are similarities. Bryce looks a lot like his dad."

(On the wide receiver group)
"Yeah, it’s a good group. It’s competitive and they’re all doing very well right now. They’re getting a good feel with (QB) Nick (Foles) and making plays. The OTAs, the defense usually has the advantage unless you get into 7-on-7. When we get into 7-on-7 and put the ball down the field, they’re all doing well."

(On WR Bradley Marquez’s baseball background)
"You would expect he has very good hand/eye coordination. He understands the game, runs good routes. You’ll see him make quite a few plays in the preseason this year."

(On WR Kenny Britt saying he ‘wasted’ seasons early in his career and if he’s seen Britt mature during his career)
"I wouldn’t necessarily say they were wasted. I think in life, anybody who has something to do over again, they’ll do it better. Kenny was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He made some choices that probably didn’t work out best for him. I knew he was young. I knew he had it in him. His production last year I think speaks for itself. I can appreciate his higher expectations for this year."

(On if he believes he can get more out of Britt)
"There’s some opportunity for more production. You just have to get around the football and get the ball to him."

(On the battle for the starting center job)
"We’re not going to make a decision real early. We’ll let them all play. We’re rotating them. They’re all getting opportunities to work with Nick, so he’s familiar, not only with the exchanges, but also the communication. We’ll make that decision when somebody shows us he’s earned the job."

(On the importance of the mental part of the game at the center position)
"It’s really important. (Former Rams Center) Scott (Wells) did a really good job with it. Scott was really smart. There’s no indications at this point that there’s going to be limitations from the mental standpoint with the guys that are competing. They all understand."

(On G Rodger Saffold’s ability to improve considering his health is better after offseason surgery)
"Well it’s fixed. We’re just being smart right now. He feels great. We have every reason to expect that thing’s not going to pop out every three weeks like it did. I think there’s so much ahead of him right now from upper body strength so we’re just trying to be smart with him now."

(On if the team encouraged T Greg Robinson to lose some weight this offseason)
"He’s been working here. He’s been rehabbing and he’s working and he feels good. His strength has increased. If there’s a little bit of weight loss and increase of strength, that’s a good thing."

(On DT Nick Fairley’s conditioning level)
"I was actually concerned about Nick’s weight being on the low side. Nick’s changed his lifestyle, changed his diet. We’re trying to get some weight back on him right now and he’s done it. He’s worked hard the last couple of weeks. He’s doing fine. His conditioning level is fine. If he’s going to compete with our guys up front he’s going to have to run and he knows that."

(On how the rookie offensive linemen are doing)
"They’re doing fine. Rob’s (Havenstein) doing good. JB’s (Jamon Brown) doing good. Andrew’s (Donnal) doing good. The whole crew. Cody’s (Wichman) set back. He’s got a little calf, so we’re going to rest him. But, it’s a good group. They understand what they’re doing."

(On why S T.J. McDonald isn’t practicing)
"He’s coming off a little ordeal. He’ll be ready for camp. He had a little offseason issue."

(On the extra point rule change)
"I’m glad it ended up the way it did. I was opposed to the two-point play, moving it to the 1.5-yard line. It was talked about even to the 1-yard line. I’m glad we kept the two-point attempt on the 2(-yard line). I’m fine with – and I understand the rationale and the reason behind it, to put a little bit more emphasis on the extra point because of the percentages. The concern – not in my opinion, but both schools of thought – one school of thought is, someone’s going to be put in the position to kick an extra point in the fourth quarter in December in the AFC or NFC North with 40 mph wind, and somebody else is going to be kicking from inside. So, competitively it all works out. But, it’s going to make it a much more exciting play. I think we’re going to see more two-point attempts. We’ll be working with the officiating department, not only from the standpoint of penalty enforcement because there’s a lot of different things that can happen. For example, if you’re attempting to go for two (points) and convert an extra call for holding or ‘OPI,’ (offensive pass interference) now you have to be penalized from the 2-yard line to the 12(-yard line), so you’re forced to go for two (points) at the 12(-yard line) or can you enforce that penalty from 15(-yard line) and then take that shot at the extra point. They’re sorted out, but there will be things that come up."

(On if coaches will have to make that decision in the game)
"Yes, you can have either option. The penalty enforced will be from either spot either the 2 or the 15, if you’re on the 2. Then, the other thing that we’ll be dealing with is say the opposing team scored, the communication process to us as to whether they’re going to put the ball on the 2 or put it on the 15. To give us a chance for substitutions or match-ups. It’s going to be a significant change. At some point during the season, it will be a critical point."

(On if the defense is allowed to return a fumble or interception)
"Yes. There will be much more incentive to block the extra points."

(On S Rodney McLeod)
"Every year he just steps it up a huge notch, from being our best special teamer the first year, to starting last year to now he’s in a role as a starter. He gets the game. Moves very well. I thought he played really well last year. He misjudged a couple deep balls, but everybody does that. But I thought he was really active, knew what to do, and run-supported very well."

(On how Offensive Assistant Coach Garcia likes working with the receivers)
"He gets to throw. He loves to throw. He can still throw. You know, there's some rule that says we can't bring him back in case we have a problem at quarterback. But he can still win games for you. It's a different perspective for the receivers, which we thought was great, a good idea, and he's doing a really good job with it."