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2015 NFL Power Rankings: SI's Peter King Slots Rams At 19th

The longtime MMQB scribe has the Rams in the bottom half of the NFL in his offseason rankings.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

When we last heard from Peter King, he was trying to convince us that Jeff Fisher can do no wrong and that going against the grain just might work because...well, because.

Today, though, we return to more comfortable online NFL content debate waters with his offseason power rankings. King has the Rams in at 19 and had this to say:

If Nick Foles is really good, the Rams will win 11. If he’s average, they’ll win eight. You see which way I’m leaning.

As much as he's unwilling to say it, I think that's the implicit criticism of Jeff Fisher. Going into year four, the team isn't markedly all that much better than they were in 2012 when they won seven games with a healthy Sam Bradford in Fisher's first year. The offensive components of the team around the quarterback and the overall quality of the defense aren't good enough to carry the team.

Now you could certainly argue with King's implicit suggestion. I think there's a fair course to consider a rise in play from the non-QBs in 2015, one that could float the team into playoff contention regardless of Foles' play.

It's just weird to get a critical ranking that implies a fair rebuke of Fisher's performance as head coach of the Rams from Peter King a week after his fluff piece.