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Random Ramsdom 7 May: Let the Doldrums Commence

With 'silly season' over, we hit the forgettable part of the NFL calendar.....

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In Case You Missed It......

Inside the Rams War Room | 101 ESPN

An inside look at the Rams draft strategy, where Gurley was 'pinned to the ceiling'

Best Rookie Fits | Bleacher Report

New Rams RB Todd Gurley tops the list. He's the top fantasy rookie too. (ESPN)

NFL Offense Power Rankings | Bleacher Report

The Rams O comes in at 31. Yikes.

Private Workout Sold Rams on Mannion | STL Today

Anyone else think this seems eerily similar to the Brian Quick pre-draft workout?

Fisher Feels Good About OL | Fox Sports

The potential is there with this group, but that P word can be dangerous to expectations. Wagoner also had  rgave his thoughts regarding this.

Speaking of OL.... | ESPN

Things continue to look better for La'el Collins. When will the formerly touted prospect sign as an UDFA?

Rams Draft Review | PFF

They don't seem too thrilled with the Rams draft, grading Rob Havenstein as the best pick.

Best Remaining Free Agents | YardBarker

Former Ram Joe Barksdale tops the list. Last year, the Rams added Davin Joseph after the Draft. I'm not sold that is a wise strategy, but anything is possible.