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Random Ramsdom, May 6: All the News in the World

One big 'ol heapin' helpin' of news from around the league and of course, the down-home goodness of the St. Louis Rams.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Rams are playing catch-up? -101 Sports

That being said, I’m still waiting to see Jeff Fisher and Les Snead implement a program.

The best franchises in the NFL have a forward thinking plan to replace departing players. To this point, this administration seems to scramble to replace departing guys with rookies rather than developed players.

The 2012 and 2013 drafts stocked a depleted roster. The Rams had so little talent before Fisher arrived that they needed to take players and use them immediately. However, in the 2014 and 2015 drafts, a plan for the future may have served them better.

The plan is not obvious? The defense is loaded with talent, some of it developmental- Joyner, Alexander, Roberson, Westbrooks- the defense has a solid core to build around for years to come. The offense, well, not so much, but that was addressed rather definitively this year, now wasn't it?

Well, someone likes the Rams draft -Yahoo Sports

I liked the Rams draft more because they have a clear plan and stuck to it in the draft.

The Rams drafted with a specific purpose in mind. They want to be a power-running football team and play great defense behind that. Their entire draft followed that plan.

And somebody doesn't... - SB Nation


"The least accurate quarterback in the Pac-12?"

Well, well, well. I'm sorry Matt, but this was a notoriously weak quarterback class and unfortunately, Hobbits whose only skill is running for their life successfully from anyone not named Robert Quinn, were in short supply. So, sadly, Les Snead went with a four year starter who was entrusted with calling his own plays and set 18 school records...damn it.

"No defensive players until the 7th round and no help for a secondary with holes in it"

Holy Hell Batman! You really have no clue about the Rams roster, do you? Oh will get schooled week one, when Todd Gurley uses Richard Sherman's face for traction in the EJD.

More from Greg Cosell -CBS Sports Radio 920

Greg Cosell is pretty high on the Rams draft class.

What's your overall impression of how you think the Rams did in the draft?

"I think they did very well and I can only of course base that on my evaluation of the players. But I think ultimately...The Rams had a plan, and I think they executed that plan extremely well. They want to be a certain kind of team. And they drafted to be that kind of team."

A Blast from the Past!

With a special guest appearance by one of the most beloved Rams of all time...

Lawrence Phillips, 1996 TD St. Louis Rams... by NathanFoy

The La'el Collins Saga

Teams can’t meet with La’el Collins, yet -PFT

Or can they?

La'el Collins meets with Jets and Dolphins -NFL

And then his agent says...

La’el Collins not meeting with teams at this time -PFT

*scratches head*

Meanwhile, in Barksdaleland-

Atlanta hoping for Collins, but willing to settle for Barksdale? -Fox Sports

Who knows? No doubt some teams, Atlanta among them, would like to have both on the roster.

NFC West Draft report cards per an NFC west rival -49ers

Notes: Gurley’s knee is said to be progressing better than expected, well enough to make the Rams feel comfortable spending a top-10 pick on the talented running back. Many analysts have called Gurley a once-in-a-decade 'back. The 49ers have the fortune (or misfortune) of seeing him twice a year now … Havenstein is a solid right tackle and is already slated to start opposite 2014 first-round pick Greg RobinsonMannion was one of the draft’s surprises, being taken as the third quarterback after Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. He’ll have a spot on the roster and could see playing time as a rookie should expected starter Nick Foles go down with an injury as he did in 2014.

Despite the factual mistake on Sean Mannion, I think the sheer terror that San Francisco is feeling right now, shines through in this short paragraph.

Since it is time for some tunes and my ire has been raised by Matt Ufford, this one goes out to him...