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NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Releases Post-Draft Rankings

How did the draft change major media's assessment of where the Rams stand three months away from the 2015 preseason?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2015 NFL Draft now complete, the schedule starts turning toward all the offseason activities leading up to training camp and the 2015 preseason. In doing, some are taking stock of the league at large as we head into the dead season of the NFL calendar.

Taking the wheel today is ESPN who has their post-draft power rankings out.

Seattle claims the top spot over New England, so you've got arguable rankings out the gate. But where do the Rams come in?

#21.) St. Louis Rams

Only one Week 1 starter from the Rams' offensive line in 2014 is still with the team. The fix to that problem? Drafting a league-high four offensive linemen.

Yeah, it's not a great fix, but it'll have to do. The Rams are up one spot from ESPN's final rankings of the 2014 season, so things are trending in the right direction.

Allowing the Rams to jump up one rung were the Vikings who dropped four spots down to 24.

The other NFC West rankings were Arizona at #8 and San Francisco at #20.