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Random Ramsdom 5/5/15: Draft Grades Trickle In

We're days removed from the NFL Draft and rookies have begun to settle into their new homes. At this point, we're viewing the earliest versions of draft grades.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Update

--- St. Louis Rams Offseason Review ---
Have the Rams met their needs properly? View here for an outlook on the offseason.


We're going to completely ignore that there were Oilers and LA Raiders pages, and instead we'll just reiterate that the LA Rams had a clickable webpage earlier.

--- Gurley to Wear Stacy's Number ---
Gurley has taken more from Zac Stacy than his roster spot.

NFL Draft

--- Rams Draft Grades ---
Here's how the grades shake out for the Rams in the draft.

--- Michael Silver Explains Rams' 2nd Round Draft Strategy ---
2nd round draft strategy explained.

--- Gurley vs. Gordon; Better running back situation? ---
Though Gurley was taken first, which is the superior back?

--- Rams Rookies Assigned Jersey Numbers ---
Each rookie has picked out his first jersey number in the NFL.

--- Rams Adding Undrafted Free Agents ---
Insert Kurt Warner reference.

--- Rams NFL Draft  Impact Meter ---
The expected impact for Rams rookies.

--- Gurley Gives Rams More than Star RB ---
Todd Gurley may singly elevate the Rams offense.

--- Rams Earn Mixed Draft Reviews ---
Some thought it was bold, others thought it was dumb. I doubt many thought it was genius, but some thought it was clever.

Around the NFL

--- NFL Network: Draft Winners ---
The NFL Network's list of draft winners.

--- 2016 Mock Draft: Strong RBs Continue ---
Following the brief hiatus, the first round running back has made a resurgence.

--- Mel Kiper Jr.'s Favorite Picks ---
Mel Kiper Jr details his favorite pick for each of the 32 teams.

--- Notable Undrafted Free Agents ---
Undoubtedly, Kurt Warner makes this list; who else?