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2015 NFL Draft: St. Louis Rams Rookies Assigned Jersey Numbers

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The rooks have their numbers ready to go for 2015.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Here are you jersey numbers for the newest St. Louis Rams.

Todd Gurley, RB - #30

Todd Gurley Jersey Number

Rob Havenstein, OT - #79

Rob Havenstein Jersey Number

Jamon Brown, OL - #68

Jamon Brown Jersey Number

Sean Mannion, QB - #14

Sean Mannion Jersey Number

Andrew Donnal, OT - #64

Andrew Donnal Jersey Number

Bud Sasser, WR - #81

Bud Sasser Jersey Number

Cody Wichmann, G - #69

Cody Wichmann Jersey Number

Bryce Hager, LB - #54

Bryce Hager Jersey Number

Martin Ifedi, DE - #96

Martin Ifedi Jersey Number