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Filed under: Had Active Web Page For the Los Angeles Rams...

Well this is...weird.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

File this under 's' for strange., the official website of the NFL, had a page set up for the Los Angeles Rams at It's already been taken down, but the issue was odd for a couple of reasons.

As first noticed by the website Field of Schemes, the page was decidedly maintained as a current team page, and not a historic page. The information on the page copied the current information of the Rams' page on save for the inability to buy tickets and a listed home field of "Anaheim Stadium." And what's strange is that URL doesn't allow for typos. If you type in "", it takes you to the Rams' team page. If you type in "", it redirects you to the NFL team hub. The NFL has now set that LA URL to direct to the landing page.

Strange indeed.

We haven't seen such online shenanigans since the discovery of, a website not about the St. Louis Rams but the animal itself.

Welcome to the offseason.