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2015 NFL Draft Results; Rams Sign FS Jacob Hagen, per Report

As the undrafted feeding frenzy begins, the Rams add depth in the secondary.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Per Jim Thomas via twitter-

Seeking developmental depth in the secondary, the Rams have signed UDFA Jacob Hagen, free safety of Liberty University.

From a small school, but with NFL measurables at 6' 3" and 205 lbs, the tape shows a tracking, sideline to sideline ballhawk AND enforcer.

There are few weaknesses on the Rams defense, but keeping it nuanced, the position of free safety is one of them. Rodney McLeod has been a consistent punisher as a safety for the Rams, but seems to lack the ball hogging skills that any team would prize. Jacob Hagen, could potentially be both.

From Hogs Haven-

Hagen uses his long arms to shield receivers form the ball. His long legs and arms also allow him to get much higher than receivers and win jump balls. His length gives him an advantage, allowing him to have a much bigger coverage radius. He has very good speed as well and that allows him to cover smaller wide receivers and close on the ball very quickly. Hagen is great in coverage, using his speed and size to his advantage, but he is also decent in run support. He takes great angles to the ball carrier and is a reliable tackler, however he does not often provide bone jarring hits. He will most often attack the lower body of opponents and latch onto both legs to bring them down. He is not afraid to stick his head into an opponent and forced fumbles when coming up to make tackles. He has big, reliable hands and is most often talked about as a ball hawk. He is great at taking over a receiver's route and that allows him better plays on the ball. He plays chess and uses that experience on the football field, playing a game of mental chess with opposing QBs. Overall he has great tools and skills that you covet as a prototypical safety

From Liberty U to the NFL is one huge step, but the basics and the mentality are there. This could be an outstanding pick up by St. Louis.

UDFA Grade B