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Random Ramsdom 29 May: Quinn Indespensible

The stagnation of the NFL calendar continues.....

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Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Robert Quinn is Pretty Valuable |

ESPN's Mark Dominik thinks that all 32 NFL teams would pursue Quinn if he were an unrestricted Free Agent. Hard to blame him as Quinn has nearly 30 sacks in the past 2 seasons. Aaron Donald earned something of an honorable mention here as well.

Market Assessments Coming to StL | ESPN

More stadium news.... can't Goodell just put an end to this already?

Areas of Concern for Rams | isportsweb

OL, DB, and WR are listed as the top 3 areas of concern for your 2015 Rams. Hard to argue with any of those points....

Speaking of WRs..... | ESPN

NIck Wagoner breaks down the outlook for this group as we inch closer to camp.

Uncertainty at QB? | 101 ESPN

Call me a homer, but as long as Foles can stay upright long enough to get the ball out, I think he's the answer.

The LA Triangle

"If St. Louis steps up and comes up with the funding, and the Carson project continues to add viability (for the Raiders and Chargers), it's hard to see the league approving a relocation of the Rams, pursuant to its own relocation rules,"

Greg Robinson > Willie Roaf? | ESPN

The Rams OL coach goes on record as saying that G-Rob's rookie year was better than Roaf's. That's extremely high praise from Boudreau. Roaf was a 1st team All-Pro his sophomore season... let's hope that G-Rob follows THAT trajectory.

Rams DEs Go Undercover | ESPN

3k already covered it, but it's definitely worth a look.