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Random Ramsdom: Focus on the NFC West

Who says NFL news is slow?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Seahawks threepeat as NFC Champions? -Field Gulls

Kenneth Arthur over at FG has issued a serious critique of Seattle's off season roster overhaul or lack thereof. He makes a good case for-

A. Not being overly impressed with the Jimmy Graham trade

B. The offensive line of Russell Okung, Alvin Bailey, Patrick Lewis, J.R. Sweezy, Justin Britt. scares nobody and

C. With so many key players in a contract year...will they be trying too hard?

#FirstPlaceProblems, indeed.

A look back at the Los Angeles Rams 1960 Draft Class

1 1 Billy Cannon RB Louisiana State
3 25 Charley Britt DB Georgia
3 30 Pervis Atkins RB New Mexico State
5 49 Charlie Janerette DT Penn State
6 62 Jerry Stalcup LB Wisconsin
6 66 Don Ellersick DB Washington State
7 73 Ron Morrison DT New Mexico
8 86 Carroll Dale WR Virginia Tech
9 97 Marv Luster E UCLA
10 110 Curtis McClinton RB Kansas
11 121 Ken Young RB Valparaiso
12 134 Doug Brown DT Fresno State
13 145 James Jones E Southern Methodist
14 158 Harold Stanger C North Texas
15 169 Harry Rakowski C Citadel
16 182 Don Kaczmarek OT North Dakota
17 193 Emanuel Congedo E Villanova
18 206 Tom Gates B San Bernardino Valley JC (CA)
19 217 Jim Boeke OT Heidelberg
20 230 Royce Shelton RB Stephen F. Austin

An eye on the Rams wide receivers -Spot

Which came first- the chicken or the egg? Did Jerry Rice make Joe Montana or did Joe make Jerry?


Who has the best offensive line in the NFC West? One former QB says Arizona -Arizona Cardinals

The tweet came from SiriusXM NFL Radio over the weekend, with host and former NFL QB Jim Miller saying that it is the Cardinals with the best offensive line in the NFC West. (His partner, Pat Kirwan, has the Cardinals second behind Seattle.) My first reaction, which I tweeted, was that I couldn’t remember the last time someone held the Cardinals’ offensive line in such high regard. It makes sense, with the Cardinals’ big free-agent purchase the past two offseasons being offensive linemen (Jared Veldheer and Mike Iupati) in addition to a No. 1 draft pick (Jonathan Cooper.)

Meanwhile, in that other football game... NY Times

After Indicting 14, U.S. Vows to End Graft

With billions of dollars at stake, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa jockeyed in 2004 for the privilege of hosting soccer’s most prestigious tournament, the World Cup. The outcome hinged on a decision by the executive committee of FIFA, soccer’s governing body, and a single vote could tip the decision.

And at least one vote, prosecutors said Wednesday, was for sale.

I can't be the only one who tastes the delicious irony here.

The most feared units in the league -NFL

When NFL coaches meet to discuss the challenges presented by the next game on the schedule, the conversation focuses first on identifying the biggest threats on the opposition's roster. Coaches carefully craft game plans to minimize these guys' impact -- or just avoid the "monsters" altogether. With that in mind, here are the 10 position groups that I believe create the most fear in meeting rooms across the league: