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2015 NFL Season: Houston Texans To Be Featured On Hard Knocks

HBO's phenomenal inside look at NFL preseason heads to Texas for its 10th season.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The 10th season of Hard Knocks, HBO's NFL preseason documentary series, will cover the Houston Texans this year.

Previously the show has covered seven other teams:

While some like to trot out the line that the show is disruptive or that it actually has an effect on the quality of football after production, the numbers show that's just not the case. And disruption for an NFL team is almost impossible...

In any case, there's not a ton related to the Rams from this year's show. The Texans do take on NFC West foe San Francisco with their first preseason game.

The Rams were a candidate to be on the show nonetheless. Since 2013, the NFL has instituted three rules for inclusion Hard Knocks. It has to be a team with the same coach as the year prior. It has to be a team that hasn't made the playoffs the last two years. And it has to be a team that hasn't been on Hard Knocks for a decade.

Perhaps 2016, friends. Of course there's one storyline that would certainly skyrocket them into the top tier of interesting candidates, but I'm biased enough to suggest they'd be pretty damn interesting this season.