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Random Ramsdom: Why Nick Foles Will Fail and Greg Robinson Is Better Than a HOFer

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Devalue This! |  MMQB

Conventional wisdom is that you can find your feature running back late in the draft, or even sign one off the street. So how could the Rams take a running back five months removed from ACL surgery with the 10th overall pick? Because Todd Gurley is a rare breed: a running back you can build an offense around.

The St. Louis Rams don’t start organized team activities until June 3, but with most of the offseason heavy lifting complete, the current roster likely will make up the vast majority of players come the start of the regular season.

Wagoner also looked at the tight end position with some thoughts on who will start, who might be on the bubble and how the depth chart could shake out.

St. Louis Rams offensive line coach Paul Boudreau thinks tackle Greg Robinson has more talent than Pro Football Hall of Famer Willie Roaf.

St. Louis Rams quarterback Nick Foles doesn't have a lot of weapons to throw to.

Have a gander at the Top 5 running backs from the [St. Louis] Rams’ era, which dates back to 1995.  Some greats and some...not-so-greats.

The National Football League has hired an outside consulting firm to help determine what the league might charge an existing owner who wants to relocate a team in Los Angeles.

Player Spotlight: Tre Mason |  Ramblin’ Fan

With the addition of running back Todd Gurley in 2015 NFL draft, second year running back Tre Mason has been looked at as if he isn’t capable of leading the St. Louis Rams.

If you’re looking for a few "underdog" type players that are hoping to live their lifelong dreams of playing in the NFL, Arch Authority highlights five from the 2015 class.

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