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Jeff Fisher To Speak At Motivational Business Seminar, Is Great (76% Off)

Get excited!

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Believe in yourself!

Jeff Fisher will be the headline speaker at the Get Motivated! Seminar at the Ferrara Theater in St. Louis, June 9. As the site notes, Fisher's talk will be quite the event:

"How to Build Your Winning Team"

Jeff Fisher is known for his tenacious ability to bring out the best in others. An inspiring leader with a dedicated work ethic - Coach Fisher is going to show you what it takes to stay a step ahead of the competition in order to lead your team to success.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to Lead Your Team to Victory
  • Ways to Motivate and Inspire Others
  • How to Manage Your Personal and Professional Priorities
  • Strategies for Peak Performance
  • Coach Fisher’s Top Keys to Success

The event is part business skill seminar, part Rammstein concert:

Only the BEST of the BEST appear on our stage! Incredible pyrotechnics, live music and spectacular special effects set the stage for our superstar speakers who deliver riveting presentations packed with cutting-edge skills for success.

Go for it!

Jeff Fisher has a 162-147-1 record as an NFL head coach, good for a 52.25% winning percentage. The last Fisher-coached team to end the season with a winning record was the 2008 Tennessee Titans. Jeff Fisher hasn't coached a winning team since Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States.

Rely on your strengths!

Here are the other luminaries speaking at the event:

  • Les Brown: World's #1 Motivational Speaker
  • Omar Periu: America's #1 Sales Trainer
  • Jim Francis: North America's Top Business Trainer
  • Dr. Clarice Fluitt: World's Top Leadership Expert
  • Bob Kittell: America's Top Communication Skills Expert
  • Daniel Miller: World's #1 Internet Marketer
  • Brian Forte: America's #1 Corporate Trainer
  • Dr. Willie Jolley: America’s #1 Inspirational Speaker

The Avengers would have no chance against all these top #1 experts.

Get the most out of yourself!

Tickets at the door start at $70 all the way up to $499 for platinum seating, but pre-purchasing them now drops that range to $19-$149. But for those really looking to save money on attending the event (see: revenue stream solidification, profit margins), a Groupon can get you up to 76% off. It's practically free to get access to the great expertise being offered. As the Groupon says about St. Louis Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher:

Though the full list of speakers is to be determined, the main speaker will be Jeff Fisher, current head coach of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams. In his 20 full seasons as an NFL coach—a number eclipsed among current coaches only by Bill Belichick—Fisher has racked up an impressive set of achievements that include 162 career victories.

Jeff Fisher has racked up an impressive set of achievements second only to Bill Belichick.

Become your best self today!