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Random Ramsdom 5/26/15: Ray McDonald Arrested, LA Rumors Drone On

It was an interesting Monday in the NFL. Ray McDonald overtook Tom Brady as the newest topic of hatred in the NFL, and, of course, our life wouldn't be complete without further Los Angeles rumors.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Updates

The fullback is becoming an extinct position, and watch here to see how Zach Laskey plans to make it in the NFL.

Here are the top five positional battles scheduled for this year's OTAs.

A quick rundown of multiple trending Rams topics.


Leading off the receivers in this list, Tavon Austin has plenty to prove.

The Rams' point-differential was better than their record, and the team looks to justify that next season.

Los Angeles

Some fans have grown tired of the rumors regardless of result.

Check out the price tag, if the Rams were to move.

One opinion saying St. Louis should keep the Rams.


What's to like? What's to dislike?

It may be early, but Christian Hackenberg tops this mock draft. Who did the Rams take?

Check out these ten studs who'll make waves in the NFL in years to come.

Around the NFL

Unsurprisingly, NFL.Com chose the Seahawks as the most talented roster.

Honestly, my first reaction was, "What the hell, man?" I mean, this is as inexcusable as it gets.

A listing of what stars have a lot to gain come this offseason.