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NFL Network's Steve Wyche: "I Think The Feeling Is...The Rams Are Going To Be [Going To LA]"

The St. Louis native thinks the Rams are headed west.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network reporter Steve Wyche was on St. Louis' CBS Sports Radio affiliate, WGNU-AM 920, and offered some pretty blunt observations based on what he heard coming out of the league meeting this week.

Obviously, the rec here is to listen to the interview in its entirety over the weekend, but there were two main takeaways for me.

First, the idea that the Super Bowl in 2020 is indicative of a feasible LA plan to be ready by 2018, and his belief that only Rams Owner Stan Kroenke's Inglewood plan meets that timeline:

I think everyone kind of is reading the tea leaves that the Inglewood project is absolutely the leader in the clubhouse. The big cookie crumb...that brings you there is the owners said LA would be considered to host a Super Bowl in 2020. For that to happen, the team has to relocate and be operable by 2018. That could not happen in Carson. They still have some environmental issues with the land...all projections are that facility would not be completed by then. Speaing to someone with great knowledge (of the Rams' situation and Inglewood), the second that they get approved - if that happens - they could put a shovel in the ground (and start building the stadium). That land is flattened and ready to go. I think the feeling is...the Rams are going to be coming.

The other big takeaway here? He doesn't think there's as much viability in the St. Louis plan as has been publicly expressed:

I hate it because I lived in St. Louis...they've got nothing substantial going there. I think the feeling coming out of this meeting is the Rams' project is much further along. I think Stan Kroenke wants to be gone, I think he wants the Rams in Los Angeles. I think people inside the organization are pretty much packing their bags because they see what's going on and they also think St. could be too little, too late. The overwhelming feeling at the owners that it's time. I do think for's going to end up with some hurt feelings.

It's just one reporter's take, but it's one who has built up considerable credibility to the point that he's featured on the league's television channel.