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Random Ramsdom 22 May: Stadium Issues Beginning to Dominate NFL's Lull Period

When's training camp start again?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Have Rams Progressed? | Bleacher Report

Dan Hope has many good things to say.

Report of Rams to LA 'Bogus' | ProFootballTalk

We won't hear 'official' NFL news on this until Late in the 2015 season.

Goodell Praises 'Tremendous Progress' On Stadium | StL Today

Then followed it with 'don't count on anything until it's fully done'. You're walking a fine line commish..... Here's Wagoner's take over at ESPN.

Projected 2015 Starters |

No major surprises here. Most notable is Gurley being a backup, but until his knee is right Tre is gonna be 'da man.

Can Rams go Worst to First? | Yardbarker

Probably not, but they do predict a winning record - and a wild card berth.

Was Letting Barks Walk the Right Move? | Ramblin' Fan

For Jeff Fisher's Rams? Yes.

Will Brian Quick Regain Early 2014 Form? | numberFire

My man-crush on Quick is very well documented. This unique analysis puts his strengths in line with new Rams QB Nick Foles.

Training Camp Battle Predicitons | Bleacher Report

Andrew Donnal over Jamon Brown? This is going to be THE most intense battle of camp in my opinion.

Zurlein Should Thrive with New Extra Point | ESPN

Legatron should have no issues with those extra 12 yards

Offseason Gets 'B' from Experts | ESPN

I use the term expert lightly, but they cite the OL and Offensive Coordinator as issues - and it's hard to argue with that.